• "What will happen on my first visit?" An Examination of your Range of Motion, Pain Symptoms, Quality of Life and How I Can Help.
  • "What Should I Expect?" One-on-One Consulting With Dr. Kasica Every Visit.
  • "How will you help with my pain?" Dr. Kasica recommends evaluations and treatment plans on a case-by-case basis.
  • "Will I need x-rays or an MRI?" Reasons for tests will be explained to you before they are performed.
  • "What care plans do you offer?" All of YOUR treatment options will be explained in detail.

Meet Patricia Kasica, D.O., M.D.,
Pain Management Physician

Pain, while difficult to experience, can be managed and controlled with
 individualized treatment. Patricia Kasica, D.O., M.D., a physician with both medical and osteopathic training, of Kasica Pain Management located in Galloway, New Jersey, offers the expertise and compassion to diagnose, evaluate and treat your particular type of pain. While in medical and anesthesia training, she began having neck pain with radiculopathy down her right arm. Turning to pain relief doctors for help, Dr. Kasica received a series of injections in her neck. The personal experience of being in pain and then benefiting from the comfort the injections provided, led to Dr. Kasica’s decision to do a pain fellowship, adding an extra year of training to learn procedures for treatment of a variety of painful conditions. Through personal experience, Dr. Kasica understands the importance of pain management and relieving pain symptoms.

What Types of Pain
Does Dr. Kasica Treat?

X-ray guided procedures:

•  Nerve damage
•  Headaches
•  Cancer pain
•  Diabetes
•  Arthritis
•  Lumbar and Cervical Radiculopathy
•  Myofacial/fibromyalgia
•  Joint Replacement
•  Neuropathic pain / RSD
•  Orthpodedics
•  Low back pain
•  Neck pain
•  Shingles
•  Chest wall pain
•  Facial pain
•  Post trauma pain
•  Phantom limb pain
•  Raynaud’s Disease

What Should I Expect?

One-on-One Consulting
With Dr. Kasica at Every Visit.

During your initial consultation, Dr. Kasica will give you the opportunity to talk about all of your pain problems, including how it started, what it feels like, what treatments you may have had and what may have worked before – even if it was temporary.

There are many non-surgical options at Kasica Pain Management, depending on where you experience the pain. Procedures will be individualized for the problem that exists. All of your treatment options will be explained in detail.

With the goal being to help keep your pain at a tolerable level, increase your independence, improve your well-being and take control over your pain, Dr. Kasica works with you and your primary care physician or specialist to determine the most appropriate treatment. The decision of how to control and manage
your pain will be discussed with you by Dr. Kasica.